Aliens On Mars, How bad are they?

Life in Space is exciting and fearsome at the same time. Humans always believed in the existence of life beyond earth. Ever since the modern man started exploring the universe the one thing that excites him is life beyond earth. We call them aliens and as the movies depict they can be dangerous as well as friendly. The planet mars is believed to possess life but Aliens on Mars, How bad are they?

There have been theories that Martians observe us and hide as they are much more evolved than us. But there is another perspective on this matter. Possibly the life on mars ended before it even evolved. A pair of researchers recently published an analysis of 3.5 billion years of old soil samples from Mars. Thiopenes a Compound that could potentially be organic is found inside the Martian Soil.

If the Compound is organic then it is possible that bacteria lived once on Mars. Terrestrial thiophenes are considered signs of life by Earthbound biologists. Another theory around thiophenes is the meteor impact on mars, which can make them non-organic.

Meteor impacts provide one possible abiotic explanation. Thiophenes can also be created through thermochemical sulfate reduction, a process that involves a set of compounds being heated to 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) or more.

Further, the researchers explained a slightly less but possible scenario for the existence of ancient bacteria.

In the biological scenario, bacteria, which may have existed more than three billion years ago when Mars was warmer and wetter, could have facilitated a sulfate reduction process that results in thiophenes. There are also other pathways where the thiophenes themselves are broken down by bacteria.

The Mars rover cannot do much to help the researchers however, soon it can take the researchers to martian soil for further research. In the meantime, the team will conduct further research and collect more test data from the rover. The search for alien life isn’t over, it has just begun. If bacteria ever existed on mars then there is a possibility of more complex life forms on the planet. If Complex life forms do not exist then what lead to their extinction, all questions will be answered. Comment below what will it be like to meet an Alien?

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