Github acquires npm, why is it important for you?

Github we all developers love it. It is world’s most popular code collaboration website. It makes collaboration and managing versions via git simple as pressing a key. Now Github acquires npm, why is it important for you?

First of all, let us take a moment to thank Github for keeping its services free. Now, npm is one of the most popular Javascript package manager. The npm repository hosts over 1.3 million Javascript libraries and 75billion downloads per month by almost 12million developers. That ofcourse includes me🤣.

npm fan base is huge, Github says this will help opensource community a lot. Microsoft aims to integrate npm with github to make it fast, scalable and more reliable. All this will be ofcourse free for us.

Announcing the deal, Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub said, “We’ll integrate GitHub and npm to improve the security of the open-source software supply chain, and enable you to trace a change from a GitHub pull request to the npm package version that fixed it.”

He further added, “GitHub Sponsors has already paid out millions of dollars to open source contributors, and we’re excited to explore tasteful ways to extend it to the npm ecosystem.”

What all this means for you in simple words is that githubs security will level up. Everything will still be free for you and you can continue to use github with added benefits free of cost. Great! That’s it for this post. Hope you are doing well and subscribed to our newsletter if not scroll to the bottom to subscribe. Thanks for visiting. Share if you wish to see me write more😇

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