Highest Megapixel Camera Ever! Not 108MP.

The War for Megapixels in heavy in the smartphone industry. Back in the days, we began with 8 vs 12MP and today we are at 108MP. But that is not where it all ends. Recently a rumor of 192MP Camera started revolving around the Internet. Highest Megapixel Camera Ever! Not 108MP that’s insane. But what do Smartphone makers wanna achieve with so many megapixels?

Digital Chat Station frequently leaks details about upcoming tech. The 192MP information is also revealed by Digital Chat Station. In the Post, on Weibo, it also hinted about more information coming next month. But by far what we know is that a Smartphone is coming with a 192MP camera powered by Snapdragon 765 series. The 765 series of Snapdragon does support the 192MP camera.

With that, we can conclude that the smartphone will of course be a mid-ranger. But which company will reveal this insane smartphone? Xiaomi, Oneplus, Oppo? Well, let’s wait for next month to see that. There are many questions with such a high resolution. For Example, the chip might support the snapshots of 192MP cameras but the processing of such heavy megapixels is going to be inefficient in this chipset.

No, One knows who will reveal such a smartphone. Will it be a good idea or a foolish decision? We will know when it launches. But the talks from Qualcomm were that it is also working on a 200MP camera with some partner as sd 865 supports that resolution. Above all this means better photography on smartphones for average Consumers. Thanks for reading. Subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom for notification about our latest posts. Also, download beautiful wallpapers here.

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