Tired of battery draining ads. Google brings a solution

Google Chrome will soon start blocking battery draining ads.

Every now and then we hate Google for what they have done to our privacy. They keep impressing us with their innovation every now and then. Google Adsense is the largest Internet ads player in the market. They control most of the internet advertisement. If Browsers start blocking ads their business will be affected. But, Google is known for its ability to make competition helpless This new feature in chrome will, of course, make our lives better. But above that, the bigger that Google might achieve is ridding competition. We all are tired of battery draining ads. Google brings a solution.

There are big ad players that give popup and video ads and many other ad formats. Most of those ad formats are battery hungry. Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. If Google starts blocking power-hungry ads that will be good for us but bad for Google’s competitors. Google will make its users happy with such an innovative feature and become a monopoly on the other hand. Google Adsense provides ads that are optimized for better user experience and do not affect the battery.

What Google team says about bringing this new feature:

These ads such as those that mine cryptocurrency are poorly programmed and are not optimised to give better experience and performance. They can drain battery and saturate already strained networks and cost money

Google says Chrome will block all ads at the following threshold: 4MB of Data, 15 seconds of CPU in any 30 sec or 60 seconds of total CPU usage. Chrome will become a better browser and so will ads on the internet. Thanks to Google Chrome. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!

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