Elon Musk Sets the stage to launch Low-Cost Tesla models

Tesla’s new million mile battery paves the path for low cost tesla models.

Tesla brought us one of the best Self-driving cars which work on Electric power. By bringing tesla to life Mr. Musk embedded an idea in all of us for self-driving sustainable vehicles. But, sadly they didn’t fit everyone’s budget. Without lowering the quality of its product it was really difficult for tesla to cut down prices to fit every budget. But with the new million-mile battery Elon musk sets the stage to launch low-cost tesla models.

A new report from Reuters indicates Tesla is getting ready to launch a new low cost and long-lasting electric battery. The battery will be launched either by end of this year or at the beginning of next year. The battery is known as million mile battery because that’s how long it may last in a car before breaking down. The project for the million-mile battery is co-developed with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd(CATL) along with Mr. Musk’s team.

More details on the battery will be revealed at an Investors event “Battery Day”. Mr. Musk told investors “The information will blow your mind. It blows my mind”. The event was supposed to be held in April but due to COVID 19, it had to be rescheduled. The battery will lower the cost per KWH(Unit used to measure battery in most modern electric vehicles) to under 100$. This seems to be good news. With Tesla, General Motors is also working on a better and cheaper electric battery.

Some experts believe tesla’s new battery will lower the cost of electric vehicles heavily, which will allow Tesla and other manufacturers to sell electric vehicles at the same price as gasoline vehicles. Let’s see how this event plays. To get notified about the event subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!

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