Signal will now allow you to be anonymous.

A new feature that let’s users blur their faces is being rolled out by Signal

Signal is a privacy-focused messaging app. While other messaging apps are busy to use your data for marketing purposes. Signal encrypts your messages and protects your privacy. As the facial recognition bill is in the line it is better to start hiding your faces. Signal will now allow you to be anonymous with its new face blurring tool. The tool will be available to all Android and iOS users of the app.

Users sharing pictures with the app can instantly blur their faces. This will add another layer of privacy. However, blurring your face might not make you completely anonymous. But it is not bad to add another privacy layer. Recent protests sparked after the death of George Floyd may benefit from these kinds of features. The Signal CEO openly said:

We’ve also been working to figure out additional ways we can support these protests

The cool thing about the blur tool is when you will take a picture using the Signal app the blur tool will auto-detect any faces and highlight. If the blur tool misses any face the user can manually blur as much he wants. However, blurring your images is not a full-proof solution. Some blurring techniques can be easily reversed and if not you can still be identified by your clothes and other things. However, let’s hope for the best for the protestors. Thanks for reading out. Catch you in the next one. Stay Safe! Stay Humble

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