In-Display Selfie Camera is arriving soon.

A Prominent leaker created a post which suggested in display Camera smartphones arriving with sd 875

Apple is far behind android in any design innovation. But the one advantage that Apple has is its Chipset. Apple chipset is the fastest smartphone chipsets and the gap is huge. ARM wants to close this gap with Cortex-X1. Cortex-X1 will be the base of Snapdragon 875. The promises are huge that leakers are making on the internet. Recently a post by a prominent leaker said In-Display selfie camera is arriving soon.

Source: Digital Circle Headline

Qualcomm hosts an event to launch its flagship processors in December of every year. This year should not be any different. So, If the Snapdragon 875 will launch in December than the in-display selfie Camera should arrive in 2021. How true could that statement be? Xiaomi, Oppo, and others have already prototyped in Display selfie camera smartphones. But, these prototypes are limited by huge tech hurdles.

Technology is advancing pretty fast. Within a year lot of things can change. There is some truth to this claim. If the prototypes are ready than within the next 6 months end product can be expected. But let’s first see what is the tech hurdle. Blurry and dark images in the limitation. Nokia 9.2 view will be launching this year within the Display selfie camera. However, it is not known whether the device faces the same problems or not. But if Nokia can do it so will other companies. By 2021 we will have perfect in-display cameras.

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