Samsung Galaxy A31: It hurts

A31 is an OverPriced and provides less value for money compared to its competitors

Samsung launched some really good smartphones this year. Even I myself bought a Samsung mid-ranger this year. But, Samsung Galaxy A31: It hurts. The device is not bad in itself but the pricing reduces its value in my perspective. In under 250$ budget, the value of the smartphone is compared with the price tag. But, this is not a mistake it’s more than that. It is a marketing strategy.

Let’s talk a little about Samsung A31. One thing that doesn’t change with Samsung is the AMOLED display. All most every Samsung device now features AMOLED display and it provides customer flagship experience in the budget. That’s what attracted me to buy M31.

The device features Mediatek Helio P65 processor which is a 12nm processor and provides performance somewhat similar to Exynos 9611. Though the smartphone will allow you to play games like PUBG and COD in descent and heavy graphics mode respectively it lacks cooling technology. I am not a big fan of cooling tech but the smartphone sometimes becomes really hot when you continuously play for hours.

Camera and Battery:
48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 5MP is the quad-camera setup which is not bad. 5000mAH battery and 15W charger is also a good fit. There are some intelligent features on the smartphone as well. Like, AI picture cropping.

It also has Samsung Pay. The camera can shoot 4K videos and capture some insane level of details in daylight. But the Smartphone lacks a dedicated Night mode and therefore, night photography is a mess. Other, then these the smartphone has all the features that a modern-day smartphone has like Android 10 and others.


Let me get to the point. This smartphone won’t disappoint you just like any other mid-ranger today. Smartphones these days are pretty much alike and the three differentiating factors other than brand value are Performance, Camera, and Price. Performance and Camera are compared according to the price. The smartphone is priced at 22K in India. At that price, you can get much better smartphones than A31. But if you are looking for a budget alternative to this device. The Samsung M31 is far better than A31 and is priced around 16K. I can assure you the A31’s body is just M31’s body with lower specs.

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