SD 765G vs SD865 how they are different and similar?

The only similarity is the 5G support.

Qualcomm is a renowned name in the processor industry. Snapdragon 765G and 865 are currently the Android kings in the mid-range and flagship market. What makes these two processors special is the support for 5G. SD 765G gives you access to 5G on more affordable option while SD 865 gives you 5G with lots of performance underneath. Let’s explore SD 765G vs SD 865 how they are different and similar.

Performance is really the most important aspect of a chipset. I don’t usually believe in Benchmarks but for what its worth SD 865 is twice more powerful compared to SD 765G. But if you compare them in real life SD 865 is the processor for future and SD 765G is the choice of present. SD 765G is comparable to SD 845 the 2018 Qualcomm flagship and will be seen in the budget smartphones.

That is pretty much it the mid-range processor was born to bring 5G to budget segment in 2021. As for SD 865 it will disappear just like any other flagship processor. While both SD 765G and SD 865 support 5G but there is still a difference. SD765G can work well but doesn’t offer advanced features like 8K video recording and powerful machine learning support.

Both these chips support 5G but 865 will give the fastest 5G speeds among both of them. Why? well, because sd865 uses an external X55 modem which is better than X52 integrated 5G modem in terms of speeds. But, if SD 765G can fulfill all the demands, of modern-day smartphones than why a flagship processor is built and shipped? That’s the question for another post. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates. Thanks for visiting. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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