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Artificial Intelligence will replace coders but not problem solvers

Artificial Intelligence is evolving each day and taking over different roles in Industry. Tech Giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others are spending heavily to stay ahead in the race of AI. We get it AI will take away lots of jobs but what about coders? Please Welcome the Future of Coding it is AI. AI assistant like Google Assistant and Siri automates many tasks and help us in our everyday life. Similarly, coders will be assisted by AI.

AI will make coders’ life easier by automating the code that they have to write. AI coding Assistants like Kite and Codota can help you reduce your typing efforts to almost half. The thing with an AI assistant is that it learns and grows over time. There will be a day when these AI assistants will just ask you the solution to certain problems and write the code for you.

Does this mean coder’s jobs are at risk? No, AI assistants will assist your code by reducing the code writing effort and ultimately taking away the problem of switching tools and technologies someday. What AI can’t do is propose a solution to certain problems. Coders create a code that solves some sort of problem(Problem Solvers) and that is the reason AI can’t replace Coders unless of course, it is ready to replace human intelligence.

AI Assistant will surely help you write better code with the least syntax errors. Thereby increasing productivity and decreasing the load over your shoulders. AI will only make coders live better. Hence, Open your arms and welcome AI to your code editor by using one of these two assistants KITE and CODOTA. Both of these are great. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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