Apple taking iPad Gaming Seriously. Added support for gaming Keyboards and Mouse

Apple previously launched Arcade. its own cloud gaming platform. iPad is a really powerful machine. With ARM chips coming to Macbooks it means all apps and games that will be built for Macbooks will be able to run on iPads too. As we all Know iPads are quite cheaper when compared to Macbooks and now this new step by Apple hints iPad will ultimately turn into Entry level Apple desktop replacement. Remember the chatting about touch screen Macbooks?

In the recent WWDC event, Apple announced the ability to add support for gaming controllers for developers. If you are a developer learn more about it here. For the rest of you tech-savvy peoples what apple did is just give new classes and functions or in simple terms, code to add support for Gaming controllers. Gaming on the touch screen is fun but it can’t be compared to gaming with mouse and Keyboard.

So, For you all game lovers and iPad owners this is Apple’s new gift for you. Making your tablet more useful to you. Thanks for reading. Stay safe! Stay Humble!.

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