LG is stubborn. New Experiment LG Wing.

LG released quite a few awesome smartphones. But none of them really succeded and neither failed. But LG keeps trying with unique innovative designs. I think LG built has this habit of developing some really impressively designed smartphone irrespective of their success. And here we are introducing the all-new LG Wing a rumored smartphone. We all have heard about foldable smartphones and they can be quite useful in some scenarios.

But can you guess one single reason why you would need a rotating smartphone? Drop your ideas in the comments below. Imagine a Smartphone With two screens one over the other and rotating 360. I mean not only it will be heavy but it will also be somewhat useless. This is unique and bold plus it will be quite fun using such a device. One use case might be watching a Video on the rotated screen in landscape and texting with the screen under. Maybe!

Remember the Nokia rotating smartphone? That kind of smartphone had use cases in that time period. Like you could turn the display into the landscape on the go that made the device more versatile. Though the rotating display will be the highlight the device will also feature Snapdragon 865. So, this will be a true flagship. But again it could be powered by Snapdragon 765 to reduce cost and still be 5G capable. No clarity there.

The price with Snapdragon 865 will be 1200$+ else close to 900$+. Let’s wait for the launch. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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