The Fastest Processor on Earth?

You might have used a 7nm Chip like Snapdragon 865 or A13. You might also have heard rumors about a 5nM processor featuring in iPhones. That’s true A14 will be 5nm Chip. But will it be the fastest Processor on Earth? No, TSMC the manufacturer of Apple Silicon will supply the 5nm A14 chip but is also working on a 3nm product. The 3nm Process is not stable but it will be real by the end of 2021.

This year iPhone 12 lineup is coming. As always the A-series chip will steal the show. The 5nm chip will also power Apple Macbooks. In a Smartphone A14 is a really powerful chip. But when Comparing that to Desktops and Macbook Pros with Intel Processors. A14 isn’t as promising as it should be. Therefore, Apple is preparing for a big leap. With the 3nm Chip that will be A16 or some other name especially for Macbooks.

Apple will replace the power that intel powered high-end Macbook Pros supplied. After all, if you wanna replace intel you need to replace its power. Apple Silicon will not only provide Apple more control over pricing, manufacturing, and launch dates but it will also give its users a better overall experience. With Apple Silicon, we will be able to use our Macbooks for up to 48hours with proper optimization and battery capacity. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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