OnePlus Nord: Ordinary yet Extraordinary

Do you remember the day I predicted that software will be the biggest difference in modern-day smartphones? Now Companies are proving me right. I will try to review OnePlus Nord. OnePlus Nord has been overhyped some people believe. The Company spent more than a month for marketing this product. And here it is with similar specs to other mid-range smartphones. If it’s similar then why is it selling so much? Let’s answer this in my old fashioned review pattern.


If you are spending close to 400$ on your smartphone you will definitely play some games. OnePlus is powered by Snapdragon 765G which is a modern and powerful processor plus it brings 5G with it. You won’t be disappointed with the devices’ performance unless you are a gamer. With up to 12GB of RAM you will never have a problem running memory-intensive apps. 64GB storage is enough but you can upgrade to 256GB as well. Oxygen OS adds the missing piece of experience. Oxygen OS is one of the best Custom androids out there. It provides you bloatware-free, simple, and fast experience.


The biggest highlight of this smartphone is the Camera. The rear Camera is a Quad camera setup. 48MP main sensor then you have 8MP ultrawide 5MP depth and 2MP macro. The 48MP main sensor is the same sensor as on OnePlus 8 and it is as powerful as the flagship. As for the other three Camera’s they are just for show off. I personally don’t like the quality of either of them.

The device comes with all the Camera features as OnePlus 8 like Nightscape, 4k Video with OIS, 1080p @ 240fps, and others. Not all smartphones provide OIS in this price range. The front camera is a 32MP + 8MP dual-camera setup. It can record 4K videos at 60fps and also supports EIS out of the box.

Battery and Display

OnePlus didn’t give up on the idea of AMOLED display. The 6.44inch display with 90Hz display is as stunning as the flagship OnePlus devices. Battery Capacity 4115mAh is enough to get you a day of juice. But the 30T charging technology allows you to get extra juice of 0-70% in just 30min. If you forget to charge your smartphone at night. You will get enough juice while you get ready for the office.

What Else?

The device supports 5G out of the box. Speakers support noise cancellation out of the box. It lacks 3.5mm jack but comes with a type C. 184G and 158.3mm height which makes it a more compact choice over its competitors.


Did the whole month of marketing and hype paid off? Yes, OnePlus sold nearly all the pre-booking devices. Will the device disappoint me? No, As one plus said Everything you could ask for. OnePlus Nord Provides all the necessary elements not the fastest processor but how many actually care about that. The Pricing is perfect and the spec sheet is great. The Overall experience is just like any other Oneplus flagship.

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