Apple is making a Dual Screen Macbook

Everyone in the Notebook Industry knows about the incredible Asus Zenbook duo. The dual display laptop which is quite productive. Apple is also working on a dual-screen MacBook or you can say a way to attach two iPads into one. The Dual touch screen notebook could be quite useful in multiple scenarios and as the iPad and macOS are getting closer with every release it seems to be the right direction.

“Modular Multiple display electronic devices,” is the name given to this new dual-screen accessory. The accessory will not only be used for iPads but also on iPhones. One display can be used for content and others can be used as a dynamic keyboard. Various use cases will emerge when it launches. The accessory will be like a dual-sided USB with one device connected on either side.

The hinge will facilitate data transfer between the devices enabling them to work together as a single device. Apple’s ecosystem is getting better with each device launch and with Apple focusing on mid-range it seems we all will eventually switch to apple. Let me know your views on Apple. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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  1. […] Apple is focusing heavily on its services. In fact, the revenue from Apple services surpasses the revenue from its hardware products. Subscription is the future and Apple knows that. But announcing multiple services and asking users to pay multiple fees for those services doesn’t sound like Apple. With the new hardware, Apple is also bringing a bundled subscription option. According to Bloomberg, the new subscription might be named “Apple One”. […]

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