Qualcomm can charge your mobile in 15 minutes

Qualcomm is back with a bang. The Company announced fastcharge 5. Smartphones powered by fastcharge 5 will support Chargers with 100W+ powers. These new ultra fast chargers will enable your Smartphone to charge from 0-100 within 15min or less depending on your battery capacity.

Fastcharge 4 played an important role to speed up smartphone charging. This year fastcharge 5 brings great enhancement over fastcharge 4. According to Qualcomm the fastcharge 5 is 70% more efficient than the older version and can charge upto 4X faster still manages to stay 10°C cooler than the older version.

Quick Charge 5 is actually leveraging the existing USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (PD-PPS) standard (a subset of the existing USB-C PD spec), which allows for even greater control over voltage and current levels during the charging process. The advantage to that is any USB PD-PPS charger should be able to charge your Quick Charge 5 device at full speed.

Another key change here is the fact that Quick Charge 5 now supports 2S battery systems for two battery cells wired in series, which allows for double the charging voltage. In turn, that increases charging speeds. It’s also backwards compatible: older Quick Charge accessories and devices will still work with new Quick Charge 5-rated hardware, at their full potential.

(USB-C PD devices, on the other hand, will still only get fast-charging benefits from the USB PD-based Quick Charge 4 and up.) It is also expected that most of the manufacturer will bring fastcharge 5 into their upcoming mobiles. Thanks for reading. Stay safe! Stay humble!.

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