BlackBerry Key Is Back From The Dead

BlackBerry once an iconic brand disappeared from the market. BlackBerry came back with BlackBerry Key 2 in 2018 but it failed. BlackBerry’s partnership with TCL also ended in February and it seemed the brand is done for good. But now the brand has partnered with Foxconn & OnwardMobility. Recently these companies announced a 5G BlackBerry Smartphone next year.

The key 2 didn’t succeed because not very few people liked smartphones with physical keyboards. BlackBerry has always focused on Privacy, Security, and Productivity. But in a world of AI recommendation, Physical keyboards sound a bit unproductive. Not many details about the smartphone are available. But I can guess the smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 865+ processor.

OnwardMobility is fairly a new company and has not made any headlines. OnwardMobility will be responsible for planning and market development for BlackBerry devices. FIH Mobile will design and manufacture the new smartphones. The year 2021 will mark a new era for BlackBerry smartphones. 5G will soon spread all over the world. Flagship without 5G smartphones just sounds useless.

BlackBerry knows that and we will soon see how the blend of futuristic technology with old design looks. Will the BlackBerry Key 3 become a hit or end up like Key 2. In the first half of 2021, BlackBerry Key 3 will launch in North America and Europe.

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