Apple has mastered the art of bullying. WordPress is the new victim

Apple recently faced congress as the accusation of unfair usage of power rise. But that didn’t change Apple’s thought process. We all agree Apple is a great company. But recently, Apple is not showing any signs of being a great company. No innovations and the worst part is how Apple is becoming greedy. Apple removed several apps from Apple Store and blocked updates to some. One of the victims is WordPress.

Apple wants a cut in the domain sales of WordPress is an Open Source free to use software. It helped millions of people to build their online presence for free. WordPress never charged you. In the iOS app, WordPress doesn’t sell you anything. No in-app purchases so, why should WordPress give a cut to Apple. Mr. Matt MulenWeg the CEO explained WordPress and are entirely two different things.

WordPress wanted to roll out in-app purchases for Automattic services via an update that was blocked by Apple. Apple is already in a battle with Epic. A few days back Apple removed Fortnite from the App store. Because Epic Games didn’t want to pay Apple a Cut in their in-App purchases. All of this issue with WordPress could be a misunderstanding. But if it’s not.

Then, I guess Apple is no more the company it once was. And Apple no longer deserves the title of the best. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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