You Can Use World’s most advanced AI. GPT-3 by OpenAI is Commercial.

Open AI was an Open Source and Non-Profit AI lab. But it is no more non-profit. Why Open AI turned to Commercial and started making money? GPT-3 you might have heard that word somewhere if you are an AI enthusiast. GPT-3 is the world’s most advanced Natural Language Processing AI model. It can help you automate Website development. It can Write letters to humanity signed by nature. GPT-3 can create a trending hacker news blog.

These are just some recent stories. GPT-3 is capable of things that people couldn’t even imagine a few years back. The key factor that leads to this transition from a Non-Profit to commercial Company.

Money Problems

AI is one of the most expensive and lucrative fields in the world. Expensive for Project owners and lucrative for employees and AI researchers. A Non-Profit lab can’t make a significant impact on AI development unless it has access to talent. Talent can be defined as AI researchers. We all can agree that such a talent pool is far too small compared to others. Every tech Company including giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft are participating in the development of AI.

AI has grown into an arms race in the tech industry. In order to compete with tech giants, OpenAI lab needed funding. Donations aren’t enough to pay for AI researchers and computing requirements. Training GPT-3 alone will cost more than 4.6 million $. Apart from that AI researchers are being paid more than 120K+ $ a year across all companies. In order to get the best researchers, Open AI has to pay more than the tech giants.

Talent & Compute both require money. That is only possible if Open AI turns commercial.

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