Apple iPhone 12. Innovation or illusion?

Apple A14 will be the new addition to the epic Apple Chipset collection. A14 is believed to be the most powerful smartphone chip ever built. Both in Performance and efficiency. But some leaks suggest Apple is relying on its chipset efficiency so much that it will reduce battery size on iPhone 12 Series. The big fat notch over the head will remain intact. But the iPhone 12 is massive. Let’s see a few key points why?

The Most Affordable iPhone lineup ever

iPhone 12 series will be the most affordable iPhone to date. Apple has been constantly trying to reduce the price of iPhones. The base model of the iPhone 12 might start from 699$ which is the territory of OnePlus and other mid-range flagship killer brands. Apple is putting more effort into the affordable iPhone to expand its user base. All the iPhone 12 models will be 5G ready. Lower 5G frequency on base model and Higher on the top models.

iPhones don’t need bigger batteries

Apple is known for not using bigger batteries in iPhones yet providing quite good battery life. It is all in the technology and optimizations that Apple put so much effort into. We have not seen degraded battery capacities earlier but iPhone 12 will probably feature a smaller battery. Leaks suggest Apple A14 is miraculously efficient at providing massive battery improvements.

In order to reduce the cost of iPhones and make them more affordable, Apple decided to ditch the battery capacity by 10%. But this reduction in battery capacity is quite surprising and it will be interesting to see how magical is the Apple A14 in battery efficiency.

iPhone 12 is delayed and we can expect a launch in the first week of October or the end of September. Stay Safe, Stay Humble. Thanks for reading.

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