Dell XPS Strikes Again. Faster, Lighter, Smarter

Dell recently teased the upcoming XPS 13 and XPS 13 2 in 1 laptop. The new XPS series will be part of the Intel EVO platform. Intel EVO is basically a branded name for high performing light laptops in the market. All EVO laptops will be powered by 11th generation Intel processors the best that the Company has to offer.

Intel Evo laptops will be tested heavily and are expected to provide a certain level of performance. Intel EVO could prove to be the benchmark of new-age Intel laptops. Coming back to XPS. The new XPS 13 will be thinner than the previous generation and lighter, which is an inevitable evolution. The laptops will be powered by Thunderbolt 4 and Wifi 6 as part of Intel EVO.

The new 11th generation processors are faster, more power-efficient, and also provide faster charging. Intel Xe Iris the new Graphics engine Integrated within 11th Gen Intel Processors will provide much-needed graphics boost. At the launch event of 11th gen processors, Intel showcased their efficiency. The laptops powered by Intel 11th gen processors lasted somewhere between 9-10hrs.

Apart from all these improvements, you will get a new version of Windows 10. And the Old XPS trust. XPS series is one of the most trusted laptops for the past couple of years. Because these laptops are a great value for money product for students to professionals. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe Stay Humble!

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