Nvidia Reflex: Unleash the Gaming fever

Nvidia Reflex a new technology launched by Nvidia to improve your gaming. Reflex is designed to reduce the latency between your display/PC and your devices. But what is latency? and how reducing it will make your gaming experience better.

Latency can be defined in two different respects. System latency can be defined as the delay between the action that you do on your mouse or keyboard and the actual representation of it in the game. For example, While playing a racing game when you press the keyboard the car moves but with a delay. It also depends on your hardware.

Network latency can be defined as a delay in online games. Every once in a while when your Internet isn’t working so well you might have noticed a lag. You unloaded the whole magazine but instead of your opponent, you are dead. This happens because of the delay due to the network. System latency can be of different types. Peripheral latency, Game latency, Render latency, PC latency, and many more.

Nvidia Reflex is the technology that developers can use to reduce these latencies and improve the gaming experience. Reflex can only be implemented by the developers of the game. Apex Legends, Fortnite, Valorant will support reflex from 17th September. More games will implement this tech soon.

You can also use Ultra low latency mode in your Nvidia Control panel to reduce latency for games that don’t support reflex out of the box. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe Stay Humble.

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