Moto G9 Plus: Natural Succession

Motorola is one of the most loved brands among stock android enthusiasts. Motorola Smartphones not only possess good hardware but they are also backed by powerful and clean software. The Budget range of Motorola has always made the Company proud. Especially the G series. Moto G9 is a Good device but not powerful enough to satisfy the modern customers.

Moto G9 Plus was missing from the loop until now. Motorola will soon launch the G9 Plus. What will be the Specification and price? As far as the specification goes here they are. 6.8inch Full HD+ LTPS display. 5000mah battery with possible 20W turbocharging. A powerful processor in the form of Snapdragon 730G to satisfy the modern consumer.

64MP camera with some powerful software tweaks. Afterall software is the only difference between modern budget smartphone cameras. And everything else that Moto G9 Offers. Now let’s talk about the price. The Price of this smartphone will start from 18K INR and can go up to 21K INR or 250$+. Now the big question-

Is it Worth Buying?

Well, If you love a smartphone with good design and clean software with a powerful processor then yes, it is worth it. Almost all of its competitors are priced in a similar price bracket and most of them are filled with bloatware and ads. But here you get a cleaner and smoother experience.

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