Apple Computing: Eternally Powerful

Apple is soon going to redefine performance benchmarks in the computing world

Apple’s own ARM chips are known for their power and efficiency all around the world. But, sometimes a person who owns a Macbook Air surpasses its capacity and requires more computing power. Not everyone has enough money to spend on Macbook Pro. Some people need that temporary computing boost once in a lifetime.

It’s okay if that computing boost is not provided by the manufacturers but Apple. The Company blamed for not innovating for the past few years will soon launch the world’s most powerful computing ecosystem. Currently, you can use the iPad as a second screen with your Mac but soon you will be able to leverage its power. Apple is planning for distributed Computing.

What does that mean? Imagine that you own a Macbook Air, an iPhone, an iPad. Good, your own powerful machines but now you want to edit an hour-long or more video on your Macbook Air. It will take quite a while. But you want the video to be processed faster and stop the unnecessary lag while editing. That’s where distributed kicks in. You plug your iPhone with your mac (like iPad and Macs connect now) and suddenly you get a performance boost.

Now your video will take 30min to process but now you connect your iPad and your mac is blazing fast now it will take only 15min to process the same video. Use processors of three different machines for one particular task. Reducing the time taken to complete the task leveraging the power of the Apple ecosystem. It’s not just a processor but a network, storage, and many other resources.

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