Google Assistant Can Now Read Your Brain.

An AI assistant is handy for doing small tasks quickly like starting alarms. Setting reminders, getting an update on your schedule, and stuff. But Now the assistants are getting better day by day and their magic is yet to be seen. Google has rolled out one such magical feature in the latest update to its assistant. Google Assistant will now be able to search for a song that is buzzing in your brain.

Our Brain remembers songs, all of them. It attempts to play these songs in the background according to our mood. Sometimes we want to listen to these songs but can’t remember the name. Google is introducing a “hum to search” feature that will let you figure out the song that is in your brain. All you need to do is whistle the rhyme to google.

How to use this feature? Just ask google “What’s the Song” or tap “search a song” button. Then Depending on your hum.. Google will display the most relevant results. Google says this feature works on a machine learning model that converts rhyme sound into binary form which it then uses to search for the song. The feature is available in more than 20 Languages in both Android and iOS.

This is just the beginning for what AI can do. As Companies build better Machine learning models you will see magic happen. To Stay updated on latest tech just sign up to our newsletter at the bottom. Thanks for being here. Your Presence is everything to us.

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