Samsung S20FE vs iPhone 12

In a recent post, we agreed that Samsung S20FE is a good deal. But with the launch of the iPhone 12, its throne is shaky. Both Samsung S20FE and iPhone 12 are priced at 699$. However, there are regions where the iPhone 12 costs close to 999$. We, Will, Keep all that in mind and provide a conclusion on all aspects in the verdict section. Now, let’s compare these two monsters.


Samsung S20FE is powered by Exynos 990 and iPhone 12 is powered by A14 Bionic. Exynos 990 is a close competitor to SD865 but A14 Bionic is 50% more powerful than any other smartphone chip according to apple. In terms of Processor Apple has topped the smartphone league and still, it is a clear winner. Don’t forget A14 bionic is the chip that will power next-gen Macbooks.

Samsung S20FE starts @6GB/8GB RAM on the other hand iPhone 12 still stands with 4GB RAM. But As we all know iOS handles RAM really well let’s move on. Coming to battery backup, Samsung is the clear winner here with a 4500mAH battery. Apple promises 15hrs of video playback but the battery is about 29% smaller than iPhone 11.

On top of that Samsung gives you 120Hz display and 25W Fast Charging with inbox charger. iPhone 12 gives you 20W fast charging but no charger. Some People might agree about the performance of A14 bionic due to some Benchmarks. But let me assure you, to know true capability of A14 bionic you need to wait for Arm Macbooks to launch.


Both the device have incredible camera system but iPhone 12’s Camera is better than iPhone 11. And iPhone 11 is better than S20 but it lacks the zoom. S20FE comes with a 30X Space Zoom and a telephoto camera. But iPhone 12 lacks telephoto hence not so powerful zoom afterall. If you can ignore the Zoom then iPhone 12 clearly has better cameras than Samsung S20FE.

Better lens for better night photos. Chip that has much more powerful Neural Engine and a software that outsmarts everyone in the industry together forms a great team. For regions like India S20FE camera is great. But for regions like US where both device cost the same iPhone 12 clearly outsmarts S20FE.


iPhone 12 is the best 5G smartphone out there as Apple claims. On the Contrary Samsung S20FE is 5G in some regions and 4G in others. S20FE is 5G in regions where its price is somewhere equal to iPhone 12. But where iPhone 12 is expensive Samsung S20FE doesn’t offer 5G support.


Let’s keep the talk short. Who wins? iPhone 12 is clearly a better Smartphone than Samsung S20FE. But you might struggle with iPhone 12’s battery life. Which is worth buying? It depends on your region. If iPhone 12 and Samsung S20FE costs similar in your region then you should consider buying the iPhone 12. However, in regions where S20FE is 4G, you should look for Competition like Xiaomi or OnePlus.

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