Oneplus Watch: Delayed Again, Again…..

OnePlus watch is a rumored upcoming smartwatch that will compete with the likes of Samsung but OnePlus isn’t launching it any soon. Previously rumors suggested the OnePlus watch will launch later this year with OnePlus 8T Pro. But some sources claim OnePlus won’t be launching 8T Pro instead it will launch OnePlus 9 next year.

A Watch that has been rumored for so long and doesn’t launch questions arise. People start assuming like Max Jambor a popular OnePlus leaker thinks that OnePlus is facing complications in terms of software development or production. Max Jambor previously speculated that the watch might arrive in October. But unfortunately, there aren’t any signs of OnePlus launch events.

All the fellow brands of OnePlus have their own smart wearables and the arrival of the OnePlus watch is inevitable. OnePlus announced a slew of smartphones this year including budget OnePlus N100, N10, and the mid-ranger Nord. With so many launch events and an expandable portfolio, OnePlus needs to launch the smartwatch as soon as possible.

If the OnePlus Watch doesn’t launch with N10, N100 then the launch will be delayed for April Next Year. Thanks for Reading. Leave a Comment to show your support. Subscribe to our newsletter for more tech content.

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