MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: What’s the difference?

Apple recently announced its new MacBook Lineup powered by Apple M1 Arm Chip. M here stands for Mac(Just Guessing). Anyway, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the mainstream Macs by Apple and both are powered by M1 chip then what’s the difference? Why are they priced so differently? Which one is right for you?

Fan: The Big One

For the first time ever we have a MacBook(after MacBook 2015) without a Cooling Fan. MacBook Air doesn’t have any cooling fan but MacBook Pro does have active cooling. The Fan makes a hell lot of difference than you might think. If MacBook Air can sustain without a fan then why does MacBook Pro need one? MacBook Pro has always been about Power the Professionals. The Pro models are always the more powerful ones.

But this year both the Air and Pro models have the same processor that is why in order to create a performance difference Apple played this trick. MacBook Air due to lack of active cooling can’t use the M1 chip to its max power due to heat threshold. As soon as the MacBook starts heating the M1 chip will slow down to reduce heat.

On the Contrary, M1 Chip on the MacBook Pro will allow the user to use its full potential for longer periods of time without any threshold. That is why Fan: is the Big One. But this is just my view. We will know the real performance difference once the Macs are available for Reviewing.

Other Differences

  • MacBook Air features a 7 Core GPU. If you buy MacBook Air above 1249$ then you will get the same 8 Core GPU as with MacBook Pro.
  • MacBook Pro features a 58.2Wh battery while MacBook Air features a 49.9Wh
  • MacBook Pro display is 100nits brighter than MacBook Air. 400nits of Air vs 500 nits of Pro.
  • MacBook Pro has the touch bar and touch id while MacBook Air only features touch id.

If you are wondering about RAM both laptops can have a maximum of 16GB RAM with M1 Chip. 16GB is the limit of M1 Chip. Thanks for reading. Comment your questions down below. I will love to answer your questions.

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