macOS Big Sur: Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Mac

macOS Big Sur is the biggest update for Macs. The Setup alone is 12.2 GB and requires an additional 35GB of Free Space on Your Mac. And yet somehow it will brick your MacBook Pro. The Big Sur is supposed to make Macs look better and provide access to a wide range of apps to Mac Users. But it is taking away what you already have for some users.

Several MacBook Pro owners took this issue to Reddit and Apple Forums claiming that 13 inch MacBook Pro models from late 2013 and mid-2014 bricked after installing macOS Big Sur. The lockout occurs during the installation process, with reports suggesting the computer gets stuck displaying a black screen.

The traditional troubleshooting methods like NVRAM, Safe mode, and SMC can’t resolve the issue report Macrumors. The reason for the issue is not yet clear. All the affected models are supported by Big Sur as suggested by Apple’s official list. Apple advised several users to bring their Macbook Pro for repair to the nearest Service Center.

The history of new Apple updates and bugs is quite old. This is the reason why wise apple users always take time to update their device. Thanks for reading. Do leave your questions in the comment box.

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