Honk: Real-Time Messaging App. Fast, Secure, and Reliable

Honk messaging app is trying to solve the secure messaging issue with real-time messaging. The new app focuses on conversation of the moment using a real-time messaging approach. The messages are shown to another person as you type and there is no send button. The app is currently available on the iOS store and will soon be launched for Android as well.

Honk is easy to use. Imagine it like a Virtual Classboard where two people write their thoughts and clear the board to write new thoughts one by one. The best part is no chat history. Just like there is no facility of ScreenShots or History in a Class Board Honk doesn’t keep your chat history. You can share images, emojis, and more.

The app also tells you when your friends are free to chat and when they are online. The best part when you are chatting with a friend the indicator will tell whether your friend is present in the chat or left already. If you need someone’s urgent attention honk them. Once, twice or spam them with infinite honks. Honk messaging is aimed to bring people closer and create more meaningful chats.

It is a highly secure, beautiful UI, customization, and big emojis. Honk on Apple store is gaining popularity and is already among the top-grossing apps. But the initial release does have some bugs.

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