Use CO2 as Jet Fuel: Balancing the Ecosystem

For Decades researchers are trying to figure out an alternative to traditional Jet fuel. The Aim is to create a fuel that has negligible environmental impact. We tried many types including theories of electric aircrafts. But everything ended without any solution. But CO2 the reason for Global Warming could be the answer to Eco Friendly Jet fuel.

Wired report claims that Oxford researchers have found a way to use CO2 as Jet fuel without any environmental disturbance. The technique effectively reverses the process of burning fuel by relying on the organic combustion method. The researchers heated a mixture of citric acid and hydrogen in presence of iron-manganes-potassium catalyst. This process converted CO2 produced from the reaction into a Liquid fuel which can be used as Jet fuel.

The approach is inexpensive and can also help lower costs of air travel. However, these are lab results. In order to implement them in real scenarios we will need a way to capture carbon content efficiently and the system to capture carbon components should run on clean energy. However this is progress and we are really close to Clean fuel for Air travel.

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