Intel Alder Lake-S: A Step Closer To New Beginnings

Intel is in a tough spot with its processors. The Company is facing challengers like AMD, Apple, and Qualcomm in its processor kingdom. The lack of innovation lead intel loses its initial battles with the Companies. But Intel is not in the mood for any more defeats. Recently launched Tiger Lake processors were a leap forward in terms of integrated graphics performance but still weren’t enough. Recently leaked details of Intel Alder Lake-S Processor suggests huge improvements.

Intel’s 12th Gen Processor will adopt 10nm Intel Processor architecture. The Processor will be powered by 16 Cores. 8 Golden Cove High-Performance Cores with 16 threads and 8 Gracemont Energy efficiency cores with 8 threads. The Configuration is different from many Desktop class Processors. Portable Computing devices are rising and demand processors that can deliver high performance and energy efficiency as well. With 12th Gen Processors Intel will hit the Portable device industry hard.

The hybrid performance and efficiency architecture might help intel take a stand in the portable Computing market (ultrabooks, tablets, and others). A Twitter user @TUM_APISAK reveals the base speed close to 1.4GHZ and max speed to 17.6 GHz. 17.6 is likely to be an error. But if that is for real then this processor will be massive in terms of performance. Intel will also focus on AI performance improvements and much more.

More details on the processor will be clear as the launch date approaches. The Processor is expected to launch at the end of 2021.

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