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Looping is part of our everyday lives. And that’s why most of us feel a need for some sort of looping in Youtube. That’s why many youtube lovers use Youtube Vanced and what not to loop through individual videos. But what if Youtube introduces a looping feature in its own very classic Streaming App. We all will love that, wouldn’t we? Some developers at XDA were digging through Youtube App’s source code and they found some really interesting coding lines.

<string name="single_loop_menu_item">Loop video</string>
<string name="single_loop_off">Off</string>
<string name="single_loop_on">On</string>
<string name="single_loop_snack_bar_button_text">Turn off</string>
<string name="single_loop_snack_bar_text">Video loop is on</string>

This something that was found in v16.09.34 of Youtube app. Currently the official Youtube app allows you to loop through playlists. But you can create a playlist put your video in it and loop but that’s not convenient. The feature will be coming as hinted by this code but when that is complicated to answer. Whether it will be free or paid is not clear. History of Youtube do point towards this being a premium feature only. But let’s see what Youtube is coming up with.

The Youtube premium offers certain features like background playback, ad free videos and what not. But still is it worth it?

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