Finally, Microsoft Recognizes AMD

AMD vs Intel is a very popular competition in the computing world. However, a few years back Intel ruled the computing world. But now with the rise of gaming AMD is taking the lead. AMD is the primary choice for all major gaming laptops or desktops. The power that AMD provides is far more superior to Intel. But Intel is trying to get back up. Up until now, Microsoft ignored AMD like it never existed.

But with the rise of AMD gaming laptops, Microsoft realized it is a bad idea to ignore AMD CPUs. The first AMD configuration was enabled in 2019 for the highest-end model by Microsoft. But, recently a report by WinFuture suggests that Microsoft will allow AMD configuration in its entire Surface lineup. Surface Laptop 4 will be launching in April and you will have options for both AMD and Intel configuration. The 11th generation of Intel Processor brought some thunder with it but still, AMD takes a leap.

Beyond that, the new surface lineup might be powered by 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 series (4U variant) will be available for configuration and from Intel, you will have Intel i5 and i7 11th gen. Choose your processor wisely.

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