Blue Origin Space Tourism Ticket Sales

Space tourism is an interesting new industry. Many private space companies like Virgin Galactica, Blue Origin, etc are aiming to capatilise on space tourism. Jeff Bezos’ Blue origin announced on Wednesday 5th May, 2021 its first tourist flight will take off on July 20th, 2021 with a toal of 6 passenger seats. But, only 1 of the passenger seats can be booked in the first flight. The New Shephard rocket will be used for the flight.

The one seat on the first flight will be auctioned on Blue Origin website, the seat will be reserved for the highest bidder in the auction. The auction will be held in three parts. The first phase from May 5 to 19 allow people to bid any amount on the website. After May 19, the bids will be unsealed and on June 12 Blue origin will hold a live auction to determine the winner for the seat. The money raised will donated to Blue Origin Foundation which promoted STEM education.

However, Blue Origin didn’t announce the price per seat for future. But that will cost somewhere near $1000+. The New Shepherd rocket flies autonomously, will take passengers to the sub orbital space also known as edge of space. There passengers will experience weightlessness for some time and then the rocket will land back on earth with the help of its parachutes.

These Sub orbital flights will be out of reach for most people but worry not, as the space tourism industry grows the price per passenger will drop down as well.

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