IBM unveils the world’s first 2nm chip

On Thursday IBM set a new standard for the semiconductor industry and a challenge for all the major chip manufacturers by unveiling the world’s first 2nm chip technology. The new 2nm Chip will provide a 45% performance boost and 75% power efficiency boost compared to 7nm technology. The new 2nm design will allow manufacturers to fit up to 50billion transistors on a chip of the size of a fingernail.

In real-world usage chips manufactured with this new technology can quadruple battery life i.e. one day charge can give you 4-day battery life. The performance boost will help in speeding up technologies that require huge processing such as object detection in self-driving cars. This will also bring a revolution in the laptop industry bringing more power-efficient, slim, and faster laptops.

IBM revealed that it was able to achieve 2nm by utilizing GAA(Gate-All-Around) stacked nanosheets, helping push beyond the typical FinFET architecture. IBM has also partnered with Samsung and Intel, which means that maybe Samsung and Intel will use IBM’s new technology to produce a slew of chipsets. The Company also signed a 10-year manufacturing agreement with GlobalFoundries.

However, we might not be able to see this new technology in action anytime soon. The first commercial 2nm chip is expected to launch in 2023.

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