Why Linux is a bad idea?

Linux is widely popular among techies. It is open source and can be installed on almost any machine. The Linux environment is the perfect environment for coders because of its ease. But, what if you are not a coder should you still switch to Linux? No, Linux is not good for most business and personal use. The three reasons why Linux is not as popular as Windows:

Installation and Setup

Unless your system is preloaded with Linux you will have to install it on your own. The installation process is not too complicated but if you are not a techie then it could be a headache. You are required to partition your disk, create bootable disk drives or pen drives. And then the BIOS stuff. However, we do have a complete guide to the dual boot series for beginners.

Lack of Native Apps

Linux doesn’t have many native apps or games. You can get the basics like libre office, chrome, firefox but if you like to do something fancy then most of your apps won’t be available for Linux. Very few games are officially supported in Linux. And all those Wine and other windows subsystem doesn’t offer good performance. So, you will end up frustrated.

Lack of Tech Support

Linux users spend most of their time on the terminal. On the terminal, they write commands to install stuff, uninstall stuff, create files, and almost everything is done via a terminal. If you run into trouble you are on your own. If you are lucky you might find a fix to your issue on google. But, that of course requires research on your end and adds to the headache.

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