Samsung A52s vs S20FE: The War of New and Old

Samsung brings out upgrades to their gadgets almost constantly. Their smartphones never seem to end, constantly improving and providing something different from the previous. Every year Samsung releases a slew of smartphones. Samsung A52s and S20FE are two of the best midrange smartphones.

Here, we’ll put Samsung A52S against Samsung S20FE, for a little test. Keep in mind that Samsung S20FE is an older version, launched in October 2020. Samsung A52S is a recent version, launched in August 2021.

What’s Different?

Even though Samsung A52S is a more recent midrange, the difference in the prices is surprising. A52S costs INR 37,499, while S20FE costs INR 36,719. A phone, in the modern era, requires smooth and sharp usage. The old version, Samsung S20FE has Snapdragon 865, while A52S has Snapdragon 778. Surprisingly, the old version has a better processor than the recent version. This could be considered a downgrade. Or Samsung cutting costs to better other parts of their phone. However, it’s worth mentioning that Samsung A52S has better ventilation, which prevents overheating.

The Camera on S20Fe is the flagship level. It features a triple camera setup and also gives 3x Optical zoom to the user. Remember it’s part of the S20 series so the camera is far better than A52s. Especially the videos. A downgrade isn’t limited to the processor, though. Samsung A52S has IP67 dust and water resistance, while S20FE has IP68 dust and water resistance. IP68 is far better than IP67, and yet, it’s the older version that has the resistance.

However, Samsung A52S provides 12 different 5G bands. This is absent in Samsung S20FE but also in the company’s competitors. Despite the downgrade in the processor, the new A52S doesn’t heat up, unlike the older version. Samsung S20FE heats up quickly with 5 minutes of gaming. Soon, it becomes difficult to hold the phone. This problem doesn’t occur in Samsung A52S.

Somethings Don’t Change

Now that we know what’s different, let’s find out what hasn’t changed. This is an important part in comparison.

Both phones continue to have 6.5inch of screen. They also have the same sAMOLED display. This ensures that the graphics display of both phones are good. They’re sharp and saturated enough to enjoy what’s on the screen.

In Samsung A52S, stability of a video footage is great. Both have 4K and 1080p recording, both provide great audio and video output. In both cases, however, 1080p has more stability than 4K does.

However, not everything that’s the same is good. Samsung continues to disappoint with their batteries. Both phone are provided with a 15watt charger. They both need a 25watt charger bought separately (yes, in both cases). Both phones take a long time to charge, and their batteries drain quickly as well.


Now we’ve looked into nearly all of Samsung’s attempts at an upgrade. Something is better in the older version, something in the newer version. However, keeping the constants in mind, the newer version is new for a reason. It seems to be more apt for the modern era. Even though there is little difference between the two versions, the new one has everything a present user would want.

The recent update makes more sense in the present time. What do you think?

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