The Boring Loop

The millennials look for only one thing in life fun. And the way they describe it fun is doing anything you want whenever you want. Basically, millennials consider slavery to their mood as freedom and true way to live. Now, I am no one to comment on someone’s life’s choices but I would argue that the very definition of fun is wrong. I like to believe having fun in life means living in harmony and peace. Experiencing ups and downs of life without losing yourself.

But But, we should be happy all the time that’s the idea. No, you see if you are happy all the time happiness will lose its meaning. So, if you are to experience both fear and courage, happiness and grief then how could you achieve peace and harmony? Now that’s a million dollar question and answer to that is the boring loop. The Boring loop is basically living in a disciplined manner setting and achieving new goals every now and then.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“The Only way to achieve peace is through discipline”

— ManOrInfinity

Being disciplined simply means doing your everyday tasks without thinking about your mood. And that truly introduces stability in life. Once you are stabilised you achieve harmony. And as long as you are disciplined you will keep achieving goals which will make you happy. When you try to achieve something you are bound to failure that will introduce you to grief. Discipline will be the reason for you working even after failure that will introduce peace in life because you are no more affected by your mood.

According to me that should be the goal of life. To dedicate yourself to an ideal and work towards it in a disciplined manner.

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