Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S21 Now?

Samsung Galaxy S21 was a leap in terms of camera, performance and design. But, now after the launch of S22 is it still worth it? Absolutely Yes. Samsung S22 and S21 share a lot of similarities and most of us won’t even notice any difference between these two smartphones. But, when it comes to price you can get a better deal on S21. S22 currently starts at 799$ but S21 can go as low as 599$ in upcoming sales.

S22 has some edge over s21 like the new Nightography feature that allows it to shoot better videos compared to S21. But, it’s more of a software feature and there is a high chance that S21 series might get this feature with later update. Performance difference is not enough that everyday user might notice. Design of both the devices is also pretty similar. Battery size is similar the difference between battery life comes from 4nm chip featured on S22.

I always believe in buying a flagship one year later from the launch date. You can get up to 30% price reduction and its rare that two flagships have major differences. If you are using S20 series then an upgrade to S22 will be good but if you are using S21 series an upgrade to S22 is not worth it. Thanks for reading the article drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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