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At Techenutia we don’t just code. We follow a lifecycle that allows us to bring ideas of our clients to life. Developing is not just about coding but much more than that. It’s a process which includes a series of steps which on completion results in a product that impact lives. Each of our developer goes under a training program to understand the entire Techenutia Development Lifecycle.

Requirement Gathering

Gathering Requirement and preparing a requirement or software specification document is the very first step in our life cycle. This is the process that is carried out before we sign a contract with the client. As it is a non chargeable process. During this process we take several meetings with client to understand what the client really wants and how feasible is the product and what will the timeline look like. We try to narrow down the details of each feature that is to be built and give a realistic timeline to the client. At the end of this process a requirement doc is prepared which is sent to client for approval.


Once we have the requirement doc we move forward with wireframing. In wireframing we design the basic outline skeleton of the entire product. Wireframing is totally just for a rough idea of the actual design just to understand the order of different UI elements. It is however an optional step. If the client needs wireframe for some internal work we provide else we can directly start work on UI/UX part

UI/UX Design

This is where things start to get interesting. During the UI/UX design we build the exact design of the product which will be seen by the end user once the website is live. Meetings are setup with client frequently for feedback and any changes if required. UI/UX designs generally highlight all the functionality of the product and how it should work after development is complete.


This is the process where client can just relax and watch. We use the UI/UX design to implement all the functionalities just the way client wants. Client gets frequent updates on the progress and regular demos of the product. All our developers adhere to high quality coding standards. Each of the product that we build is maximised in terms of performance and scalability. We also prepare a documentation for the product code to help future developers easily enter the development.

Q/A Analysis and Review

Here one of our Q/A tests the entire website according to the requirement doc and does further quality analysis to ensure that the product that will be delivered doesn’t lack in quality in any term whether its performance or overall look and feel. After the Q/A analysis we also send the product for client review. If the client needs to change anything in the product it is added as a feature request or change request on requirement doc and necessary changes are made.


In the deployment phase generally client adhere to whatever the developers request. But in some cases client already purchase server plans and we deploy the product on their existing servers. We run our final tests and then proceed with delivery


In this phase we send the code and all other files of the product to the client along with the deployed product link Client reviews the product for one last time and then shares their feedback of our services.

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