Failure: Forced Self Reflection

To fail at something is viewed as a worthless act. The way I see failure is a lesson that teaches you what are the necessary steps that you missed. A person who fails at something is not worthless. People fail for a lot of different reasons. For example a lion fails at climbing a tree but, does that make lions insignificant?

People have different strengths, different way of thinking. We all are different and not copies of each other. Men or women we all are unique in our own ways. And Failure is the one thing that teach us about this difference. Failure in itself is a very significant thing. Failure gives us time to rethink what we are doing, whether we should do the act or not, whether we are doing any thing wrong or not?

It is simply the way of nature to force self reflection upon us. Failure is a teacher, it’s a mentor, and above all a motivator. But that totally depends on how you see failure. There is not a single thing on the planet that exists without failure. Even a lion fails to hunt sometimes that doesn’t mean he can’t hunt. Try to put your hand into his mouth once.

We all are programmed and forced not to fail. But, I believe it is necessary to fail before we understand who we truly are.

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  1. Ujjwal dahiya
    June 12, 2022

    Very well said

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