Accountability: An Integral Part of Men

As a man it is your sacred duty to hold yourself accountable and be honourable.

Accountability is the ability to identify a problem and taking action to solve it. To put it in simple terms accountability means being responsible. Now there is a broad spectrum of responsibilities that you can adhere to. You might consider that as a fallacy to hold yourself accountable for everything that’s happening around you. And you might be correct but the least you could do is hold yourself accountable for something or someone that you care and that should not exclude your own damn self.

Why take more responsibility?

As a lazy generation the first question that you might is why should i take responsibility when life is easy without it? Well, first of all if you lack accountability for yourself someone else has to bear your weight. And if someone else has to bear your weight you are in a very bad place. You are totally dependent on the other person which makes it very difficult for you to survive without them. And when you say you want freedom placing your weight on someone else’s shoulders puts you far away from freedom. (Personal level) Now if you don’t hold yourself accountable for a higher sense of purpose you put yourself into a very bad spiritual state.

Because, as a spiritual being it is not pleasure that you seek but the amount of difference that you make. And you can’t make a difference if you don’t hold yourself accountable.(Spiritual level) Now, the third aspect is social status. If you are not a person who bears the responsibility of people that matter to you then you lose social status. And humans are social animals if you don’t have a social status you will eventually be depressed. Moreover its very difficult for your family to survive if your not accountable. Noone wants a irresponsible father, irresponsible husband, irresponsible son or if it matters an irresponsible friend.

The Social Dilemma

The modern society is quite eroded in its thoughts, values, and principles. Modern society is teaching next generation to be irresponsible, to seek pleasure above purpose, to chase their dreams over family. The society seem to have forgotten the very roots which lead to its development. Being responsible is an integral part of traditional masculinity and today deemed toxic. Modern men and the young boys are in dilemma. They don’t know what sort of character they should build. A fun loving boy or a responsible, hard working man.

Infact, the society is rewarding these fun loving boys and punishing hard working men by making their life more difficult. But, let me break it to you 300 spartans inspired men to be free and built a society of free men and women. But the party animals did nothing but waste lives of the ones they loved and cared. To solve your dilemma be a man hold yourself accountable be honourable. Stop saying you are not who you are meant to be because of him or her.

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  1. Vinayak
    February 2, 2023

    Truth to be told in the age where men are distracted by the insta glamour

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