Shock Therapy: Remedy to muscle plateau

You have been working out for years getting good progress and suddenly you stop getting any results. Your body stabilizes in a certain weight class. And doesn’t progress further no matter how hard you hit. That’s what is called muscle plateau. Plateau is a condition where no further progress can be made with the methods you are using. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make any progress no matter what you do. You just need to introduce a bit of shock in your training regime. And its quite simple

Shock Wave

A Shock is simply result of something unusual happening. Let’s say you are training everyday to lift heavier and heavier. Now your body is used to doing the same workouts at the same weight. But, you are unable to lift heavier. In this case all you need to do is increase the number of reps. Introduce HIIT in your workouts for a short period of time. You can keep one week of light weight training with heavy reps per month. This will allow you to gain more strength and further allowing to lift heavier thus getting you out of plateau.

HIIT or super sets can have a profound effect on your body. HIIT and super sets completely shock your body by targeting muscles quite differently. And on top of that it helps you burn more calories giving you a more shredded look. If you try to analyze a bodybuilders workout routine you will often find a pattern of HIIT, supersets, and light weight training in their regime. All these are basically used to prevent bodybuilders from hitting plateau.

So, if you are not seeing progress in gym you might have hit plateau and you need to introduce these three methods in your gym routine. And always remember to have realistic expectations of your body. An average man can expect annual growth of 5-12KG of muscles depending on the nutrition and certain post workout conditions.

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