Samsung S23: Just Right Ingredients

Every year Samsung sets new standards in smartphone industry with its S series smartphone. The S series smartphones are a direct competition to the iPhones. And probably the most innovative smartphone series for past couple of years. But, the inability of Samsung to build a processor that could compete with Apple a series chips stopped samsung from being the very best. The S23 series focuses mainly on the night mode and cinematography. These are the two key areas Samsung is trailing behind iPhones.

Ultra: New Heights

S23 Ultra looks somewhat similar to S22 ultra with few minor refinements in terms of the design. Samsung advertised the new ultra under the tagline moonlight shots. And it does deliver as per its advertisement. The new S23 ultra boasts incredible improvement over S22 ultra in terms of night photography. Infact, it even beats the iPhone 14 Pro in terms of photography. However, same cannot be said for the video quality. The cinematography of iPhone is just unbeatable. Though the video stabilisation of Samsung has improved and even beats iPhone. But, overall the gap between the two is very minute.

Samsung worked hard to make S23 Ultra the best camera smartphone in the market. And it clearly is. One thing that samsung could have worked on is the zoom. Ultra has two optical zooms 3x and 10x. When you are 4x it is just a digital zoom which is not clear at all. The story is same till 9x and at 10x its again crisp clear. Samsung could do a better job in utilising its zoom cameras and enable smooth, clear shots from 1x to 10x. The new 200MP sensor gets enough details in every shot. When you are capturing videos at night and the smartphone loses focus or you re adjust the focus the device will introduce a bit of grain or noise. Though it stabilises within seconds but its’ annoying.

Apart from the camera there is this processor that they talk about Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. It is nothing impressive. Though its the fastest android processor but if you are looking for iPhone competition the snapdragon is way behind Apple chips. Which is in fact, one of the reasons why iPhone takes lead in certain conditions while filming. There is also 100x Zoom which is better but is still not usable. You can expect good pictures at lower zoom levels.

S23: Just to fit in

S23 also boasts the same nightography and snapdragon gen 2 as improvements. You can also call it a downgraded ultra. It features 3x optical zoom paired with 50MP wide angle lens compared to 200MP of ultra. However, on the design front Samsung did some job on S23. The new S23 is built more like the ultra. There is no square camera box. The edges are rounded and the display size stands at 6.1 inch.

Samsung is really doing great in terms of its hardware and overall product lineup. The only thing that give iPhone an edge is its processors.

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