Movies: Entertainment or Mass Manipulation?

Entertainment is an action that provides amusement to its viewers. But, entertainment industry also has the ability to control the mindset of entire society. Our brain learns and grows from the surroundings. Whatever information our senses give to the brain we form our opinions and beliefs based on this information. Earlier the only form of entertainment we had were books, outdoor games, elders stories which mostly taught us valuable life lessons. But, modern entertainment is this digital screen called gadget. Two most prominent modern entertainment sources are social media and the TV(movies and tv series).

Stage 1: Glorifying Smoking

In the first stage of the liberation of entertainment industry smoking was glorified. The art directors and entertainment industry remarketed smoking as a style note. It became part of being a man. As per movies norms if you don’t smoke you can’t be the main character. Most fictional movies depicted the general hero to be a man who smoke. How did this affect society? Cigarette sales skyrocketed. Everyone wants to be a macho man. First only adults started smoking, then college kids and now even in schools. Everyone want to be the ideal macho man depicted by the movies.

Stage 2: Glorifying Alcohol

In the second stage of the liberation the entertainment industry introduced a new product alcohol. No party in movies is without drugs and alcohol. All the lead characters of movies drink and consumes drugs. The definition of macho man and living the life changed. Result sales of alcohol skyrocketed. Few years back drinking was viewed as an act of shame as it could destroy families. Today no celebration is complete without drinking. Deaths due to alcohol at all time high.

Stage 3: The Women

The business and entertainment industry realised that there is an untapped customer base i.e. women. The entertainment evolved movies and tv shows started glorifying women drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Now the customer base doubled. Business skyrocketed. More and more money. But, increased smoking led to rise in infertility rates which businesses are not concerned about.

Stage 4: Glorifying Crime

Now we can see a pattern in modern movies and tv shows the industry is glorifying crime and try to show that the criminal is a victim. Turning the entire story of criminal. I still remember when mirzapur released for the first time how violence in my own college increased. Today having a gun is viewed as a status symbol and the ability to beat someone without reason is viewed as power. But, is it really necessary to glorifying criminals to present their story? Are criminals to be glorified?

These 4 stages are just for you to realise how you are being controlled. How we have overwritten our principles with the false beliefs of entertainment industry. How we have demolished our integrity in the name of modernism. But, where did this idea came from if not the entertainment industry? How do you know what being modern means? Is it not from the movies and tv shows? Think about it and think for yourself are you truly free or just part of mass manipulation?

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