Self Reflection: The Art of knowing thyself

Self reflection is the one true art of self portrayal

Most people believe self portrayal to be a delusional thought of a mad men. But, it is what your mind thinks of you that you become. Meaning if you wake up everyday and tell yourself that you are a loser your mind will find ways to make you a loser. However, if you tell yourself that you are a winner everytime you lose your brain will tell you to improve. Self portrayal is nothing but guiding yourself towards an image that you seek to be.


When you start journaling your daily work and keep a check on where you are going. You can give yourself a goal to achieve a certain character and then just reflect on your behaviour everyday and analyse how your imaginary character would handle certain situations. When you recursively keep doing this the difference between your imaginary self and real self will keep narrowing. And one day you will be the imaginary character.

Every great man that ever lived has only aspired to be a stronger, more powerful, and better version of himself. Great man don’t seek validation from others inspiration from others or follow others. They validate themselves, inspire themselves, and follow their own path.


If you compete with someone else in your field you are clearly not striving to be the best. But, as good as the other person that you seek to be like. Competing with yourself allows you to enter a fair competition with a person who have same ground as you. When you compete with yourself you don’t set a bar for yourself. So, if you just continue being better in your craft eventually you will end up being the best in the entire world.

Ask any great athlete in the world who is it that you compete to? All will answer the same no one but me. That’s the only key to being the best. It doesn’t mean that you ignore what others are doing better. Its’ just you learn from everyone around you but compete with the guy in the mirror.

Self Awareness

When you enter the self reflection mode you become more aware of who you truly are. You stop lying to yourself about your own strengths and weaknesses. When you are more aware of yourself you better know how to better yourself. Allowing yourself to understand your limitation is the very first step towards pushing your limitations. Being self aware allows you to set more realistic goals for your self.

Self reflection is a form meditation. Monks have suggested its the most powerful way to better your life. So, take a notebook and a pen & start your self reflection journey by writing down what you wanna be.

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