Socializing: Key element to a fulfilled life

A loner may be dangerous but a man with a good social network is extremely powerful and happier.

– A Sage Once Said

Modern society has over-sponsored being alone. Every motivational video you watch advises you to be alone. In every movie today the successful person is a loner. But, the truth is loners are miserable. Loners are not ultra-successful personalities they are just miserable and too afraid to work on their social skills. Humans are by nature sociable species and if you remove that important aspect of being human you will end up feeling hollow from the inside. But, isn’t too much social affects your ability to think and lower your chances of success? That statement is partially true. See, everything in access is dangerous take the example of food. Without food, you can’t survive but too much food can make you sick. The idea is to socialize but also have time for self-reflection, and other important aspects of life.


Before we get into why and how to socialize let’s understand what is innately wrong with the proposition of living as a loner. Being a loner means you don’t like to talk to anyone you don’t involve yourself in any social events or gatherings. And to some extent that is useful but what if you are in a bad situation and you need help? what are you going to do? To that most people’s excuse is they don’t need anyone. But, let’s say you are caught by the police and won’t you need a lawyer? And isn’t it better to have a lawyer who knows you rather than hiring some unknown person? Ok, that’s a very rare scenario let’s say you lost your job. What are you going to do? Endlessly keep applying to jobs? That might help but wouldn’t it be easier to ask for references from people you know and wouldn’t that help you get a job faster?

Now let’s look at the media content by which most youngsters get inspired to live all by themselves. If you look at a loner with your logical eyes one thing that is common with all these loners is that they don’t have a family. Their families are dead in unforeseen incidents. And whenever these people are in trouble someone comes to help them. Do you think that person who helps these loners comes out of the blue? How do they know each other? Exactly they have a strong social connection. Let’s take the example of John Wick. His wife is dead, he was an orphan so no family. He doesn’t really have anyone to socialize with. And he has a past life. In the past, he used to attend parties, had friends get together, and attended people’s celebrations and grief. Why else would people die for him? Think that for a second.


The COVID incident taught us a lot of stuff and the importance of socializing is one of them. During COVID people had minimum social interaction. The suicide rate skyrocketed. The main reason is when you socialize you get positive energy. Even if you are going through hell whenever you talk to that one friend you will get some hope. People motivate each other, get jealous of each other, and use each other as an example to better themselves. You might have heard of the famous navy seal training incident where the instructor asked trainees to give up when they were in cold mud water. And one of them started singing and everyone followed and no one gave up until the next morning. That is the power of socializing. You can watch the full video by clicking here.


Now we know this is important but how do you start socialising. The younger generation is filled with introverts and introverts are naturally asocial. I am not a communication expert. But, instead of using fancy words I just know when you start doing something you eventually get better at it. Socializing is nothing but a skill the more you try the better you become. It’s difficult to get out of your comfort zone and talk to someone. But, once you start doing it becomes easier and easier. I am an introvert myself, but I have improved a lot when it comes to my social skills. I remember a few years ago I barely talked and today I can be the charm of the group. But, I still have a lot to improve. I still hesitate especially in public places. And I am working on it. So, should you, Always remember a lone wolf is an easy target for hunters but hunters run when they say a pack of wolves.

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  1. Ajwad
    August 10, 2023

    Insightful, and is obviously a light to those coming out of comfort zone, trying to build connections, and, involving in public gatherings.

    • August 10, 2023

      Thank you for the feedback. Your feedback helps up improve our content

  2. Upasna chaudhary
    August 11, 2023

    Absolutely! 🙌
    Socialising allows for personal growth by helping an individual in coming out of their comfort zone .

  3. Ujjwal dahiya
    August 11, 2023

    Really helpful.

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