Impulsiveness: A lethal disease

Emotion is an integral part of the human species. And it’s a good thing to have emotions. But, the problem arises when you allow your emotions to control your decisions. Impulsiveness is a term used to a condition when people make decisions purely based on emotions neglecting the logical consequences of their actions. Though acting on your impulse at times is necessary let’s say in a fight or flight situation. But, when all your decisions are purely based on impulse it’s safe to say that you have an impulsiveness condition. Now, what causes this disease? And most importantly what’s the cure for it?

The definition

Before trying to treat a psychological condition it’s quite crucial to understand the underlying symptoms. This condition is purely behavioral the way a person acts in a given situation helps us understand whether they are suffering from impulsiveness or not. Let me give you an example. A normal person would think about the consequences of their action and understand the pros and cons and make a decision based on that. But, a person suffering from impulsiveness doesn’t weigh pros and cons he just do it because he feels like doing it. Let’s say person A is missing person B but both of them had a fight a few years back texting person B can have cons like triggering the past fight, disturbing the relationship of mutual friends, giving up self-respect and the pro is there is a chance to reconnect. So, a normal person would choose not to text as the cons outweigh the pros but an impulsive person will text regardless of the cons.

Now, if person B rejects the proposal of reconnecting and blocks person A from being impulsive person A will try to reach out with different numbers. Or if he knows the address he might pay a visit to person B’s home. Why is this harmful behavior? Person A being emotional might even hurt person B or in extreme cases kill person B we have heard stories of such murders. Most murders are done by people suffering from impulsiveness.

The Cure

Acceptance and denial are the cure for such disease in my opinion. I am not a clinical psychologist if you truly are suffering from such a disease it is recommended to consult a professional. However, the method of acceptance and denial might help. Accept your emotions and refuse to act on the emotions. How could you do that? By engaging in certain activities that take your mind off what you are thinking about. Distracting yourself. Go out meet people, watch a movie, do some work, go for play. Just do something to distract yourself. That’s all. Never decide without thinking about it logically and never make a decision when you see yourself become emotional about a certain situation or thing.

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