Psychological Flexibility: key to building a great network

It is only a person with flexible personality that is able to entrust individuals of different personalities and fortitude.

Psychological flexibility simply means how you adapt your personality based on individuals and the environment. We all have been doing this for ages but not using it to our advantage. We have adapted ourselves to behave differently at home, office, and with friends. But, most of us fail to use this innate psychological flexibility when it comes to building new connections. It is when you have an agile personality that people find you comforting. You start controlling the type of social energy that you bring to a party. This ability not only helps you build the network but also gets sales, better business deals, unexpected references, and some faithful friends. But the two most important questions are what are the key personality elements that you should focus on making agile? And how to do so?

Key Elements of Personality

I am not going to go too deep into this. This will be just a heads-up which you should use as a guide. The three key elements of personality are body language, the way you speak, and fashion. Fashion is self-explanatory dress as per the occasion, always buy good clothes because they do matter. The first thing is body language. The way you look at the person you are interacting with, the way you move your hands, the way you sit, walk everything matters. If you are with a person of higher authority you should be a bit submissive around them but not too submissive. The key is to appear confident but the same time avoid challenging their ego. Similarly, in places where you are the higher authority appear to be more approachable and kind. Pay attention to what comes out of your mouth. If a person is flaunting some aspect of their lives instead of being cocky compliment them. Be cocky around cocky people. The key is to reflect on what the other person might connect with.

Where to begin?

The first thing that I believe everyone should work on is what comes out of their mouth. The very first thing to do is develop your dialect. If you are away from your hometown chances are your hometown has a different dialect of the same language. And the dialect might appear rude to people around you. The simplest example is of Haryanvi, West UP people their dialect is generally on high tone. And people in the Delhi region find it offensive. People in Delhi are more kind in their dialect and calm. Having a high-tone dialect doesn’t mean you are a bad person it’s just something that doesn’t fit in a calmer dialect region. Once you are done with dialect work on vocabulary. Whatever language you speak Hindi, English or and others you should have a varied vocabulary. The wider your vocabulary more intellectual you appear and more people are drawn towards you.

After the language part is done focus on your behavior and body language. It’s normal for you to pat on shoulders in your hometown but maybe patting is offensive where you are currently. Learn good and bad manners of the region, basic etiquette manners.

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